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Few things are as frustrating as a continuously leaking dive mask during snorkeling or scuba diving. Not only does a leaking mask distract you from the underwater wonders you're there to observe, but it also hampers your ability to fully appreciate the experience while negatively affecting your air consumption. Fortunately, there's good news: by following a few simple steps, you can achieve an excellent seal and effectively prevent water from seeping into your mask. Does your mask fit? Make sure you test the mask for proper fitment before you purchase it! Each individual's face shape, including its width, narrowness, cheekbones, and brow structure, differs. One way to assess the mask's seal is to place it on your face, move the strap aside, and inhale through your nose to create suction. If the mask comfortably and snugly adheres to your face without any discomfort, you should have a good seal. You can also test the

If you're considering learning scuba diving but unsure where to start, this article will provide you with all the information you need to know about obtaining a scuba diving certification. Let's dive in! What is Scuba Diving? Scuba diving is a way to explore the underwater world without relying on surface air supply. By wearing a tank on your back, you can freely navigate underwater. The air inside the tank is identical to the air we breathe on the surface, consisting of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen, except that it is compressed within the tank. This allows you to breathe normally underwater, just like on land.。 Ocean Divers Fun Dives Why do I need a scuba diving certification? If you're daydreaming about beautiful coral and schools of fish, and you have a friend with extra tanks and equipment, so you can just go diving with them, right? Wrong! Even if you're a skilled swimmer, learning the

水肺潜水是一种探索水下世界的方式,而且不需要从水面获取空气供应。背上气瓶,就可以在水中遨游。气瓶里的空气与我们在水面上呼吸的空气完全一样,含有21%的氧气和79%的氮气,只不过它被压缩到气瓶里。这样你就可以在水中也能正常呼吸,就像在陆地上一样。PADI 潜水证书一共分为9个等级,Open water (OW)是潜水的入门等级,进入潜水殿堂的必考等级。因此您的潜水之旅将从获得OW证书开始。PADI开放水域潜水员课程包含了理论知识学习,平静水域训练(泳池)和开放水域潜水(海水)。整个课程包含一个晚上和两个周末,共4天半时间。开放水域训练分为岸潜和船潜两个部分,您将在菲利普港湾内欣赏缤纷的海底世界。Ocean Divers作为PADI五星教练发展中心,一直以来致力于培训专业优秀的潜水员,同时提供中文和英文的潜水课程,并为顾客提供最全面贴心的服务。

Recommendation 1: Choose a wetsuit of appropriate thickness Selecting the appropriate thickness of wetsuit is a crucial step in cold-water diving, as it will help you stay comfortable and warm underwater. When diving in Melbourne during winter, due to the lower water temperatures, it is generally recommended to choose a wetsuit with a thickness of 7 mm or more to provide sufficient insulation to keep you warm. NOVASCOTIA SEMI-DRY 7.5MM (Click the image for more details) Keeping the Core Warm: You can also consider adding insulation to your core area, such as wearing a diving vest underneath your wetsuit. Using Proper Diving Accessories: Choosing the right diving accessories is also important. For example, use diving boots to protect your feet, wear a hood to prevent heat loss from your head, and use thick diving gloves to keep your hands warm. These accessories will help reduce heat loss. Regulating Body Temperature: Prior to diving, ensure good physical

方法一:选择合适厚度的湿衣 选择合适的湿衣厚度是冷水潜水中至关重要的一步,它将帮助您在水下保持舒适和保暖。 在墨尔本冬季进行潜水时,由于水温较低,一般建议选择7毫米或以上的湿衣来提供足够的保暖。 NOVASCOTIA SEMI-DRY 7.5MM (点击图片获取更多详情) 核心部位保暖:您还可以考虑增加核心部位的保暖,例如在湿衣里再穿一件潜水背心。

Are you interested in the latest release of "The Little Mermaid" movie? When you see Ariel in the film, have you ever imagined yourself enrolling in a mermaid course, becoming a real mermaid one day, and embarking on underwater adventures? Ocean Divers PADI Mermaid Instructor Gloria What is mermaid diving? Some individuals hold the misconception that mermaid diving is simply performing the butterfly stroke with fins or engaging in monofin freediving. However, this is not entirely accurate. Firstly, mermaid diving is a form of breath-hold diving, distinct from swimming, and falls under the category of diving. Consequently, a crucial aspect of mermaid training involves acquiring the skills and understanding the safety measures associated with breath holding. Secondly, in contrast to monofin freediving, mermaiding involves more extensive movements and does not prioritize efficiency of motion. Mermaid diving is actually a fusion of freediving, swimming, dancing, and yoga. It revolves around artistic expression and interactions