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CDAA – Cave


The aim of this course is to familiarize Basic Cave qualified divers with the theory and practical requirements necessary to safely undertake diving activities in a CDAA defined Cave environment. A Cave site is defined as an enclosed body of water containing overhangs, silt, darkness zones, and passages that are at all times large enough for two divers to swim adjacent to each other and turn around together. Maximum penetration is 1/3 of a twin cylinder gas supply.


Cost: $695 includes CDAA Cave student manual, application forms for access, dives in Mt Gambier, and CDAA registration.

Please note: Accommodation, food, transport and air fills in Mt. Gambier are not included.


Full day theory session

Land drills session

2 controlled water training/assessment sessions

4 site training dives

3 days in Mt Gambier


Hold a current CDAA Basic Cave award. Have logged a minimum of 30 unsupervised Cavern dives totaling a minimum of 15 hours or 15 unsupervised deep cavern dives totaling a minimum of 7.5 hours.

Complete SCUBA unit comprising of twin cylinder setup, (minimum capacity 1400 litres per cylinder), computer, back up computer,the option of two contents gauges depending on whether a manifold is being used, two regulators, one of which has a hose of at least 2 metres in length. Mask and fins (no split fins), suitable exposure protection, line cutting device/dive knife, one primary and  two back-up lights (each capable of lasting the duration of the dive), pencil and slate or wet notes, approved reel and guideline, spool or jump reel, minimum of 2 line arrows and 6 personal markers.

Terms & Conditions

This course is subject to Ocean Divers’ normal Terms & Conditions. By enrolling in this course, you agree to accept all terms and conditions.


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