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Digital Underwater Photographer

  /  Digital Underwater Photographer

Specialty Course – Digital Underwater Photographer


Capture the sights, sounds, and the dynamic motion of the underwater world as a videographer. Cover the fundamentals and create interesting, entertaining video worth watching again and again.


The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course is an introduction centered around today’s point-and-shoot digital cameras. The course helps divers develope the knowledge, skills and practical techniques necessary to obtain excellent photographs with a digital camera, even on your first photo dive! During the course you learn to use the PADI SEA method (Shoot, Examine and Adjust), which takes full advantage of digital technology. You not only learn how to take good photos, but how to share them with your friends via email or printing, optimising your work with your computer, storage and more. We’ll also expand on what you need to know about file formats, resolution settings, making images lighter/darker, getting good colour, composition, downloading and adjusting.


Three evenings of theory and review, and two dives.


PADI Open Water Diver or PADI Junior Open Water certification or equivalent.

Or be a competent Snorkeler.

Cost: $325

Included PADI Digital Underwater Photography manual, PADI White balance slate, all tuition and two dives.

Complete Scuba Unit, including Alternate air source & dive computer.

Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Wetsuit/Drysuit.

Weight system and weights.

Digital camera with underwater housing & support hardware.


1passport style photograph

Terms & Conditions

This course is subject to Ocean Divers’ normal Terms & Conditions. By enrolling in this course, you agree to accept all terms and conditions.

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