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Many diving enthusiasts often wonder: I've heard about scuba diving and freediving, but if I'm new to diving, which one should I learn first? What are the differences between these two?

Many parents inquire whether their children can learn mermaiding. The answer is yes! Children who are over 6 years old are eligible to enroll in our PADI Basic Mermaid course. Additionally, all students participating in Ocean Divers' Mermaid series courses are eligible for free refresher training. Ocean Divers regularly organize training sessions in a 2m swimming

Fortunately, these venomous marine creatures typically won't initiate attacks. Their actions are largely rooted in passive defense, often arising from feeling threatened by the presence of divers. Consequently, it's imperative to exercise vigilance when encountering them. Avoid pursuing, making physical contact with, or inadvertently stepping on them. Maintaining a safe distance is key to ensuring your

Being skilled at breathing and managing air consumption is a sign of an experienced diver. Many factors can affect how much air we use underwater, and it varies from person to person. Mastering optimal air consumption is a journey filled with practice and perseverance. Embrace the occasional setbacks with a smile, for failure is our

Night dives offer a completely unique and distinct experience compared to diving during the day, even if you've already explored the same dive sites or reefs before. When you shine your flashlight on the underwater surroundings from a short distance, the colors become much more vivid and vibrant. Additionally, the light from your flashlight can cause

Recommendation 1: Choose a wetsuit of appropriate thickness Selecting the appropriate thickness of wetsuit is a crucial step in cold-water diving, as it will help you stay comfortable and warm underwater. When diving in Melbourne during winter, due to the lower water temperatures, it is generally recommended to choose a wetsuit with a thickness of 7 mm or