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Melbourne PADI Mermaid Series Course – I became a real mermaid!

Are you interested in the latest release of “The Little Mermaid” movie? When you see Ariel in the film, have you ever imagined yourself enrolling in a mermaid course, becoming a real mermaid one day, and embarking on underwater adventures?

Ocean Divers PADI Mermaid Instructor Gloria

What is mermaid diving?

Some individuals hold the misconception that mermaid diving is simply performing the butterfly stroke with fins or engaging in monofin freediving. However, this is not entirely accurate. Firstly, mermaid diving is a form of breath-hold diving, distinct from swimming, and falls under the category of diving. Consequently, a crucial aspect of mermaid training involves acquiring the skills and understanding the safety measures associated with breath holding. Secondly, in contrast to monofin freediving, mermaiding involves more extensive movements and does not prioritize efficiency of motion. Mermaid diving is actually a fusion of freediving, swimming, dancing, and yoga. It revolves around artistic expression and interactions with fellow mermaids or audiences. Our training encompasses body movement, facial expression management, and hair control, all of which play significant roles in the practice.

Ocean Divers PADI Mermaid Instructor Gloria

PADI Mermaid Course

The PADI Mermaid Series comprises three levels: Basic Mermaid, Mermaid, and Advanced Mermaid. In order to proceed with advanced mermaid training, students are required to successfully complete the basic mermaid and mermaid levels. Each stage of the course emphasizes different aspects as your experience and skills develop.

PADI Mermaid series course

The PADI Basic Mermaid course serves as an introduction to mermaid diving and does not require any prior diving skills. There are only two requirements to fulfill: being at least 6 years old, and being capable of swimming 25m (using any stroke) and comfortably floating at the surface for 3 minutes. During the course, you will learn the techniques for entering and exiting the water as a mermaid, as well as the basic methods of mermaid propulsion: the front dolphin kick and back dolphin kick. Additionally, you will acquire knowledge on performing warm-up exercises and stretches on land, selecting suitable equipment, choosing the correct weights, and properly donning and removing mermaid tails in case of emergencies. By completing the basic mermaid course, you will become a proficient mermaid capable of swimming freely in the water. As a certified basic mermaid diver, you can mermaid at a maximum depth of 3m.

In the PADI Mermaid Course, you will develop proficiency in more advanced performance skills, including the side dolphin kick, angel descent, back flips, horizontal flips, mermaid bubble, and more. These skills enable you to showcase yourself with increased freedom and grace in the water, resembling the mermaids seen in aquarium performances. As a certified mermaid diver, you will have the capability to dive to a maximum depth of 5m.

In the Advanced Mermaid Course, you will acquire team performance skills, underwater rescue techniques, single and multi-person choreography, and spot-action shooting skills. At this stage, you will not only have the ability to perform individually but also execute complex cooperative maneuvers with other mermaids, serving as a dependable dive buddy skilled in rescuing fellow divers. As a certified advanced mermaid diver, you can dive to a maximum depth of 10m and are permitted to engage in mermaiding activities in open water.

Ocean Divers PADI Mermaid Instructor Gloria

PADI Mermaid Course FAQ

  • I am very good at swimming, can I take the Advanced Mermaid course directly?

No. Swimming is only a prerequisite for course enrollment. It is not quite relevant to mermaid diving. Therefore, you need to start with Basic Mermaid level.

  • I don’t have monofin or mermaid tails, do I need to buy them myself?

No. During the course, we offer mermaid monofin, freediving fins, and different styles of mermaid tails to use.

  • Will I have a chance to practice after the course?

We provide complimentary training sessions to all students enrolled in the mermaid course. Mermaid diving is truly a journey where practice leads to perfection. Once you obtain certification, we encourage you to join us for additional practice sessions to further enhance your skills. During these sessions, our instructors will guide you, correct your movements, and even record videos for analysis to aid in your progress..

  • Why do I need to take a mermaid diving course, can’t I learn by myself at the pool?

There is inherent risk associated with breath-hold diving. A key aspect of the course is to ensure that students understand these risks and learn how to prevent or resolve them. Through systematic training, you will be able to minimize these risks, thereby taking responsibility for your own safety. Additionally, online content can be fragmented, and self-study students may unknowingly perform incorrect movements. This is precisely why the instructor’s demonstration, explanation, and guidance are necessary.

If you wish to take pictures at an Oceanarium or engage the services of an underwater photographer, you will be required to present your mermaid certificate as proof of your eligibility.

  • I don’t have a buddy, can I come alone to learn?

Of course! 90% of the students come to the course on their own. During the course, you will be assigned to different buddies and practice working with different mermaids. After the course, students in a class often meet up to practice together and are happy that they have made good friends with like-minded people~.

  • My body is stiff, What if I can’t graduate?

Firstly, it’s important to note that no one can execute all the movements flawlessly during the course. The graduation criteria entail being able to perform the correct moves and having a clear understanding of the areas you need to work on. Achieving perfection requires extensive practice outside of class. Secondly, everyone has a unique physical foundation, so if you are unable to meet the graduation requirements initially, you have the option to participate in additional free retraining sessions until you reach the required standard. We assure you that graduation is attainable and we are committed to helping you succeed.

  • I want to go to the sea to take pictures / shoot video, what level do I need?

To venture into open water, it is necessary to obtain Advanced Mermaid certification. Since open water poses higher risks, the theory course for advanced mermaids focuses on familiarizing you with the characteristics of the open water environment, selecting suitable dive sites, and ensuring your safety in such conditions.

Are you ready to be a real mermaid? JOIN US today and meet your mermaid friends!


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