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Who we are

Who we are

Ocean Divers is a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centre and a Scubapro Platinum Dealer.

We train our divers through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) which is the largest recreational scuba teaching organisation in the world. The Five Star rating is the highest recognition for training, service and professionalism available. PADI is recognised in over 80 countries and teach in excess of 75% of the world’s scuba divers.

At Ocean Divers we offer a complete range of rental and sales of equipment, dive training from snorkeling through to Instructor level SCUBA courses including specialties, travel both interstate and overseas, and local boat and shore dives.

We specialise in SCUBAPRO, HALCYON & SANTI products.

Our store offer a great range of snorkeling, free diving and spearfishing equipment, as well as everything you need to scuba dive at every level, recreational to technical diving.

We also offer equipment hire, air fills, Nitrox fills with banked 32%, and on-site repairs and servicing including tank testing, as we are approved by Quality Assurance Services Australia.

We also provide courses through the Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) & Global Underwater Explorers (GUE).

At Ocean Divers we pride ourselves on the service we offer, whether it be to you as a student, a club member or an off the street customer. So please, contact us with any queries or questions you may have and we will endeavour to answer them for you.

Our Team

Songtao Huang

PADI IDC Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor

Songtao was a dentist in China and had a trip to Thailand where he developed an interest in diving. After he became an Instructor in Kho Tao, Songtao traveled to Southeast Asia and taught there. He came to Melbourne and joined Ocean Divers as a full-time PADI Instructor. In 2018, Songtao purchased Ocean Divers as the new owner.

Songtao is an environmental enthusiast and marine lover who is keen to explore more national dive destinations within Australia, and to share some of the international destinations he has experienced to our customers.

Speaks Mandarin & English

Jane Bowman

PADI Course Director, EFR Instructor Trainer, CDAA Advanced Cave Instructor

A trip to the Maldives in 1984 commenced a love for SCUBA diving that is still as strong today as then and started what was to become not just a hobby but a career. PADI training has enabled Jane to become one of the few female Course Directors in Australia. She is also an Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer, CDAA Instructor and a Marine Safety Coxswain. A love of photography and marine biology has enabled her to appreciate not only what Victoria has to offer but better appreciate overseas destinations. Jane has traveled extensively to destinations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand, Mexico, USA, Tonga, Chuuk (Truk Lagoon), Palau, Guam, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Marshall Islands, the Galapagos, Brunei and Niue. Technical diving has included trips to Florida, Mexico, Vanuatu and the Nullarbor to dive the caves plus countless journeys to Mt Gambier to dive in Australia’s best cave diving area.

Jane was inducted in the International Women Divers Hall of Fame in the USA in 2010. She was the second Australian (after Valerie Taylor) to be selected for this award based on her extensive training, teaching and technical diving experience especially for female divers. She was awarded OzTek’s Industry Recognition Award in 2017.

Warrick McDonald

Starting as a spear-fisher, Warrick became ‘hooked’ on SCUBA diving in 1961. It became a lifelong passion that turned into his career in 1965 and continues to provide him with a lifestyle that many envy. He first started teaching in 1972, joined PADI, and over the years went through many courses and taught thousands of students. Warrick became a Course Director in 1989, which enabled him to teach through to Instructor level. He recently retired at that level but continues to mentor our crew at Ocean Divers.

Warrick’s involvement in the Dive Industry has enabled him to hold many positions, other than as a trainer, including President Of Dive Australia for 5 years, President of the Victorian Dive Association for 6 years, a current member of Standards Australia sub-committee on Entry Level Recreational SCUBA Diving, Business Director and National Director (10 years service) of the Cave Divers Association of Australia, current committee member of the Landowners Advisory Group of SA and he has also acted as an adviser for Government Departments such as Conservation, Fisheries, Police and the State Coroner. At Ocean Divers he oversees the day to day operations & heads up our service department. He is a Marine Safety Coxswain.

His passion for cave diving has enabled him to explore caves all around the world………

Warrick was awarded the Industry Recognition Award at OZTek 2011 for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of Diving in Australia.

Liz Harper

PADI IDC Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor

Liz learned to dive in Melbourne and continued diving & working as a PADI Instructor in the warm waters of the Whitsundays before returning to Melbourne in 2009.

She has traveled to Fiji, Brunei, Thailand, New Zealand, Vanuatu, The Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Italy, Crotia, the Philippines and FNQ. She is currently developing her technical diving skills having recently completed PADI Tec 45. She is a CDAA Advanced Cave diver and looks forward to further adventures in Mt Gambier….

Liz is Ocean Divers Training Manager and teaches full time. In her spare time she enjoys travel, snowboarding, yoga, dancing, underwater photography & going diving!

Mike Reed

PADI Instructor, DSAT Tec Instructor, EFR Instructor

Mike started diving in New Zealand in the early 70’s – back when everyone dived in wetsuits and things like buoyancy compensators were a novelty.  He has pursued the technical side of diving and is particularly keen on the deeper wrecks.  He holds instructor ratings with PADI & DSAT, as well as being an EFR Instructor and a CDAA Cave diver.

In his professional life, Mike is a partner with Oliver Wight and is working with a number of leading companies in Australia and New Zealand assisting them in achieving Business Excellence.  He has specialist expertise in strategy management, product and portfolio management and integrated business management.  A keen musician, Mike has played in a number of bands over the years and will occasionally pack a guitar along with the diving gear for a trip to Mt Gambier or other dive destinations.

When not instructing for Ocean Divers, Mike is often seen out diving in Port Phillip Bay or at the Ship’s Graveyard.  He enjoys underwater photography and offers tuition in digital underwater photography as well as the complete range of technical courses, all the way to full trimix..

Terri Allen

PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, DSAT Tec Instructor, EFR Instructor, CDAA Advanced Cave Instructor

Terri is a part-time instructor at Ocean Divers and is still a keen Melbourne diver after learning to dive while at uni 26 years ago. She did her instructor training with Ocean Divers in 2003 and holds a number of specialty ratings including Wreck, Photography, Deep and Drysuit. Terri has a Bachelor of Science in Physiology & Zoology, and a PhD in Diabetic Complications. Most weekends Terri is happy mixing it with the boys diving the deep wrecks in the Ship’s Graveyard when she is not busy teaching. Terri does many of our interstate and overseas trips including PNG, Solomons, Vanuatu, Red Sea, Merimbula, Tasmania, Mount Gambier, Ningaloo Reef, Florida, New Zealand, Truk Lagoon, Bikini Atoll, the Galapagos and Mexico. Her ideal dive would be to find a new species of nudibranch while penetrating inside a rusty old WWII wreck!.

Skye Chen

Customer Service Manager

Skye has worked in the dive shop here for 2 years. She is one of the most experienced Dive Guides in Melbourne and she knows all the best spots around our dive sites. When she’s not underwater, you’ll find her in the shop taking bookings and helping customers. She is always more than happy to give you the best advice to get the most out of your diving.

Skye is currently training to be a PADI Divemaster and is a qualified CDAA Cave diver.

Speaks Mandarin & English

Hansong Zu

PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor, EFR Instructor

Hansong used to be a pharmacist in Beijing for 7 years then decided to change his life because of the enthusiasm of diving. During he became a SCUBA instructor in Thailand, he also found the new goal of his life: to protect the marine environment. After 2 years studied in the University of Western Australia, he achieved a Master degree in Environmental Science marine and coastal management specialization and now Hansong works in Ocean Divers as full-time staff. He not only teaches SCUBA diving both in Chinese and English but also shares his passion for awareness of marine environmental protection. He is a CDAA Basic Cave diver and looks forward new adventures.

Speaks Mandarin & English

Simone Lee

PADI Instructor, EFR Instructor

Simone started diving in 2007 in preparation for an overseas trip and had no idea this would be the beginning of a long-time passion.

She is a part-time Instructor at Ocean Divers but spends as much time diving locally and overseas when not teaching. Simone is a keen cave diver and technical diver holding CDAA Advanced Cave and Trimix qualifications so she’ll be out on a boat most weekends exploring the wrecks of the Ship’s graveyard or caves at Mount Gambier.

Simone has continued her dive adventures overseas in Mexico, Nullabor, Thailand, Raja Ampat, Bunaken, Komodo, Philippines and Vanuatu and can’t wait to do more! She also enjoys diving all around Australia from the caves in Western and South Australia, cuttlefish watching in Whyalla, a myriad of locations along the east coast from North Solitary Islands to Merimbula, and all around Victoria from Lake Catani on Mt Buffalo to the wonderful shore dives of Port Philip Bay.

In her non-diving time, Simone helps people to protect their intellectual property as a Patent and Trade Mark Attorney.