Songtao Huang

PADI Master Scuba Diver InstructorEFR InstructorSongtao was a dentist  in China and had a trip to Thailand where he developed an interest in diving. After he became an Instructor in Kho Tao, Songtao traveled to Southeast Asia and taught there. He came to Melbourne and  joined Ocean Divers as … [Read more...] about Songtao Huang

Jane Bowman

PADI Course DirectorEFR Instructor TrainerCDAA Advanced Cave InstructorA trip to the Maldives in 1984 commenced a love for SCUBA diving that is still as strong today as then, and started what was to become not just a hobby but a career. PADI training has enabled Jane to become one of the … [Read more...] about Jane Bowman

Warrick McDonald

PADI Master InstructorEFR Instructor TrainerCDAA Advanced Cave InstructorStarting as a spear-fisher, Warrick became 'hooked' on SCUBA diving in 1961. It became a lifelong passion that turned into his career in 1965 and continues to provide him with a lifestyle that many envy.  He first … [Read more...] about Warrick McDonald

Liz Harper

PADI IDC Staff InstructorEFR InstructorLiz learned to dive in Melbourne and continued diving & working as a PADI Instructor in the warm waters of the Whitsundays before returning to Melbourne in 2009.She has traveled to Fiji, Brunei, Thailand, New Zealand, Vanuatu, The Solomon … [Read more...] about Liz Harper

Mike Reed

PADI Instructor DSAT Tec Instructor EFR Instructor Mike started diving in New Zealand in the early 70’s – back when everyone dived in wetsuits and things like buoyancy compensators were a novelty.  He has pursued the technical side of diving and is particularly keen on the deeper wrecks.  He … [Read more...] about Mike Reed

Terri Allen

PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer DSAT Tec Instructor EFR Instructor CDAA Cave InstructorTerri is a part-time instructor at Ocean Divers and is still a keen Melbourne diver after learning to dive while at uni 26 years ago. She did her instructor training with Ocean Divers in 2003 and holds a … [Read more...] about Terri Allen