Technical Diving Education

Looking for a new challenge? Become a Technical diver and make the most of our local diving - discover the wrecks of the ship’s graveyard in Port Phillip Bay or explore some the World's best cave sites at Mount Gambier, South Australia.
Ocean Divers has the highest calibre of Technical Instructors who teach a wide variety of courses with PADI Tec program up to Trimix, PADI Sidemount and CDAA courses from Deep Cavern up to Advanced Cave. We have instructors with extensive experience in technical and cave diving who are ready to take you on a journey to explore the depths of the unknown. Put yourself to the test to discover new diving equipment, techniques and environments.
Consider learning more about deep diving with PADI Tec program:

PADI Discover Tec
PADI Tec 40
PADI Tec 45
PADI Tec 50
PADI Tec 60
PADI Tec Trimix

Improve your skill level with a GUE Fundamentals course or enroll on a PADI Sidemount course to learn about another way of twin tank diving.
Take the plunge and develop your skills in the fresh water through a CDAA course:

CDAA Deep Cavern
CDAA Advanced Cave

**Private courses available upon request and suitability.

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