Marine Life

There is a fantastic variety of marine life to explore in Port Phillip Bay, whether you are diving from the shore under one of the piers or further out in the Bay on a wall, wreck or reef dive. Look closely for seahorses, weedy seadragons, nudibranchs, a variety of octopus, pleuroblanchs, squid and a wide range of plant life including sponges and ascidians.

We have lots of hermit crabs, crayfish, abalone, scallops as well as sea stars including 11 arm starfish, biscuit stars and brittle stars. There are many types of fish including old wives, long snouted boarfish, globe fish, tassled angler fish, velvet fish, leatherjackets, cow fish, wrasse, Australian salmon, flathead, fortescues, kingfish, sea beam, perch and pipefish.

You may be lucky to see huge smooth rays, Port Jackson sharks, Southern Fiddler rays, Melbourne skate as well as seals and dolphins.