We are very fortunate in Melbourne to have a huge variety of wrecks to dive from depths between 12 metres in Port Phillip Bay through to 60 metres in the Ship’s Graveyard.
During the period from 1913 to 1999, a total of 46 obsolete vessels have been systematically and purposely disposed of in the Victorian Ships’ Graveyard. These vessels range in size from 50 tons to 3347 tons and include sailing ships, steam ships, dumb hopper barges, steam hopper barges, J-Class submarines, dredges, tugboats, a Paddle Steamer, and an RAN Attack Class Patrol Boat. Originally thought to be located in a single area, the Graveyard actually covers a 20-kilometre stretch of the Victorian coastline between Torquay and Port Phillip Heads with vessels dumped between 10 and 20 kilometers offshore.
The most recent addition to our wreck sites is the ex HMAS Canberra that was purposely scuttled at the end of 2009 as an artificial reef for divers.
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