Mornington Pier

Mornington Pier
Open Water
2m – 12m
Mornington Pier offers divers a great variety of marine life including seahorses, globe fish, old wives, crabs, octopus and many more.  Entry and exits vary according to the tides at this dive site.  To enter you can either make a giant stride of the wall by the car park or you will need to lower your equipment onto the stone ledge at low tide.  To exit the water, you can either climb up the ladder or pass your equipment back up via the stone ledge at low tide. There are usually boats around the pier so it is important to either swim across the the pier on the surface or tow a surface marker buoy.  Mornington Pier is a popular site for fishermen so it is important to look out for fishing line and fishing hooks and it may be wise to remain under the pier when there are lots of fishermen.