J4 26m Sub

J4 26m Sub
Advanced Open Water
26m -28m
Scuttled in the 1920s, this submarine was rediscovered by divers in 1982. Known as the 26m, 27m and 90 foot sub, the wreck lies with its bow pointing out to sea. During it’s scuttling, the bow section broke off, exposing the forward torpedo tubes and bow modifications. As with the other Subs, the 26m sub is host to a variety of plant and animal life. Good conditions for photography are often found near the conning tower, which is usually surrounded by many fish. Penetration of the wreck is possible via several large openings in the hull for divers holding a wreck qualification. Such penetration should not be taken lightly, as being shallower than the other subs, this wreck is particularly susceptible to surge. Unwary divers can be literally sucked in and catapulted through the wreck’s interior. However, the surge prevents any silting, and under suitable conditions this makes for one of Melbourne’s top dives.