Cottages by the Sea

Open Water
Max 6m
This site is in between point Lonsdale and Shortland’s Bluff or Queenscliff. It can be dived from a boat or as a shore dive from Queenscliff and is a great site for new divers.  Cottages by the Sea is named after a historic, white building on the foreshore that used to be a home for underprivileged children.  The diving here although shallow is beautiful with a series of small reefs running parallel to the shore. It has plenty of undercuts and small caves home to a variety of different species including Leather Jackets, Sea dragons, Cuttlefish, Magpie Morwong, Old Wives, and some abalone and cray fish just to name a few. Cottages by the Sea has an amazing amount of life for an area so close to shore. Lots of fish and the odd old bottle may be seen here. This is a great site for the last dive of the day or as a training dive.