Learn to SCUBA dive & snorkel

Snorkeling/Skin Diving

Maybe you would like to find out more about the underwater world and are not quite ready to take the plunge with a SCUBA course, or perhaps you simply prefer to be on top of the water looking down at the amazing variety of marine life.  Join us to learn how to snorkel effectively so that you can maximise your time in the water.  Why not try some skin diving so you can start to get down amongst the marine life without worrying about scuba equipment?

Look out for our popular summer snorkeling program in Port Phillip Bay with the seals! Trips run December through to April.

Learn to Dive

Scuba Diving is an enjoyable and exciting activity. As a scuba diver you will be able to become an explorer and try new locations in your own area as well as taking the opportunity to travel to new and exotic locations for a taste of international diving. Try diving with whales or dolphins. Have fun with the seals. Your diving will become an endless adventure.

In Victoria we have a huge variety of dive and snorkeling sites to choose from, ranging from wall dives to exploring submarines, playing with fur seals or photographing fish in a marine reserve. We have it all - you provide the diver - we'll provide the water and the fun!

Continue your Diving

Once you have finished your basic scuba course you can participate in many exciting types of diving. Some of these involve extra training and some just involve going to new and exciting dive sites.

Try wreck diving to get a glimpse of awesome maritime history.

What about night diving to gain a totally new perspective of the underwater world discovering nocturnal habits?

Become a deep diver opening up a new array of dive sites in Port Phillip Bay.

Learn about diving with Enriched Air Nitrox to extend your bottom time.

Challenge yourself to a Rescue course and learn how to take care of yourself and other divers.

Go Professional

Ocean Divers has two PADI Course Directors and two PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainers on staff full time. Warrick McDonald is the most experienced Course Director in Victoria and Jane Bowman is the first female Course Director in the state. Liz Harper is an active MSDT's who has a passion for teaching and an extensive knowledge of diving in Victorian waters and beyond. Jono Lau, a PADI Instructor has extensive knowledge in marine biology & joined us early in 2015. We also have a number of part time PADI Open Water Instructors who are all committed to running high quality courses.

Take the next step and join the world of underwater educators by becoming a PADI Divemaster or Instructor and share your passion for diving. 

Maybe you understand the importance of equipping people with the skills to assist in an emergency situation and you would like to share your knowledge of first aid with others. Become an Emergency First Response Instructor and earn while you teach essential life saving skills.

Explore Technical Diving

Looking for a new challenge? We have instructors with extensive experience in technical and cave diving who are ready to take you on a journey to explore the depths of the unknown.  Put yourself to the test to discover new diving equipment and techniques.

Consider learning more about deep diving with a PADI Tec course. Take the plunge and develop your skills through a CDAA course to explore some of the world's best caverns, sinkholes and caves, or make the most of our local diving and discover the wrecks of the Ship's Graveyard and Port Phillip Bay.


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