Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor
Crossover Course


  • Renewed as a PADI Member for the current year
  • Hold a current CPR/First Aid Instructor rating with another qualifying organisation

    Cost: $495.00

    Required Materials;

    • EFR Instructor Guide & care for Children Instructor Guide
    • EFR Patricipant Manual & CFC Participant Manual
    • EFR Self-Study Knowledge Reviews
    • Gloves
    • Ventilation Barrier
    • Sterile pads, gauze, dressing
    • Instructor Certification cost to PADI is included


    To be certified as an EFR Instructor, an individual must meet the following requirements;

    • Complete the Self-Study Knowledge Review
    • Participate in the 3 required crossover presentations
    • Demonstrate role-model technique for skills practiced during the Instructor Crossover Program
    • Successfully complete the EFR Instructor written examination

      Course Content:

      Course duration is approximately one half day


      Want to Start? A $100.00 deposit is required.


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