CDAA Deep Cavern

The aim of this course is to develop the skills and knowledge for Deep Cavern diving including the planning, organising, procedures, techniques and problem solving required in a variety of Deep Cavern diving situations.

A Cavern site is defined as a body of water that has a maximum depth of 20 metres, slight overhangs, near vertical ascents and where daylight is always visible (limestone caverns, dams, flooded quarries, lakes etc.

A Sinkhole site is defined as a body of fresh water that  has large passages (no restrictions too small for two divers to swim adjacent to each other) and which exceeds 20 metres in depth. The maximum linear penetration allowed is 60 metres.


Hold an entry level certification for at least 12 months

Be certified Advanced Open Water

Have logged a minimum 25 dives post open water certification, totaling a minimum of 25 hours, with 5 dives to at least 18 metres & 2 night dives
Be at least 18 years of age

Complete a current medical statement & provide 2 passport size photos or a JPEG.

Cost: $750.00 includes CDAA Deep Cavern student manual, CDAA Member’s Manual, application forms for access, pool training, dives in Mt Gambier, CDAA registration and membership.


Complete SCUBA unit comprising of twin cylinders, (minimum capacity 50cf/1400 litres per cylinder), depth gauge and timing device or computer, the option of two SPG's depending on whether a manifold is being used, two regulators, one of which has a hose at least 2 metres in length. Mask, fins, (no split fins) suitable exposure protection, line cutting device/dive knife, one primary and  two back-up lights (each capable of lasting the duration of the dive), pencil and slate, dive tables.

Course Content:

6 theory sessions

Land drills

Pool dive

2 cavern training sessions, a cavern skill assessment dive

3 deep cavern training dives.

3 days in Mt Gambier (6 dives)

Please note: Accommodation, food, transport and air fills at Mt. Gambier are not included.

Want to start?

Contact us on 03 9579 2600 or email for further information. Click here for Course Dates.

Please note: Any additional training dives may incur a fee to cover applicable costs.


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