Drift Dive

Advanced Open Water

12m - 25m

When there is a Drift Dive listed on the itinerary, the exact dive site will depend on the conditions on the day such as weather, sea conditions and the experience of the divers. Drift diving in Port Philip bay is a little different to drift diving in other areas because of our strong currents and the amount of boating traffic. Divers are split into three or four groups usually of four to six divers and are given a long length of rope (around 50 metres with a buoy and dive flag attached to one end. The idea is to descend as a group spaced along the line keeping parallel to the current. It sound tricky but it isn't once you get the hang of it.  This is really the easiest form of diving, no kicking or navigation is required, your air supply lasts longer and the terrain is always changing.


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