Shore Dive Sites

In Melbourne, Victoria we have a few shore dive sites as well as a wide range of boat dives.  We can usually find a dive site in all weather conditions but it is a good idea to find out about the best place to head if you are unsure.  The piers make for fantastic dives to discover our wonderful marine life, to take photographs or video, to refresh dive skills or to try out new equipment.  You will find divers of all levels at our pier dives most weekends throughout the year.  There is a variety of marine life to be discovered both during the day and at night if you are keen to try night dives.

Popular Shore Dives Around Melbourne:

- Brighton, South Road Beach
- Rickett's Point
- Mordialloc Pier- Mornington Pier
- Rye Pier
- Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron
- Flinders Pier
- Portsea Pier
- Jawbone Marine Sanctury

Contact us on 03 9579 2600 for further information including recommendations for appropriate dive sites according to weather conditions.

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